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1. The Kid from Texas

  • Genres: Action, Western
  • Popularity: 2.694877
  • Vote Count: 8
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The Kid from Texas

Billy the Kid becomes embroiled in Lincoln County, NM, land wars. When rancher who gave him a break is killed by rival henchman, Billy vows revenge. New employer takes advantage of his naivety to kill rivals, lets the Kid take rap. Kid takes to the hills with friends until caught. Escapes hanging but remains in area to be near employer's young wife with whom he's infatuated

2. The Kid From Texas

  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Western
  • Popularity: 1.130495
  • Vote Count: 0
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The Kid From Texas

A loud-mouthed Texas cowpuncher tries his hand at polo finding himself at odds with high society and trying to save a floundering Wild West show.