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1. Ghost Photos

  • Genres: Horror, Thriller
  • Popularity: 1.222746
  • Vote Count: 3
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Ghost Photos

Toshiko, a high school student, receives a text message and picture from her brother, whom she has not seen in years. The image foretells the death of a woman a day later. This is only the first of many haunting images that appear throughout the film.

2. THE Shinrei Shashin 「Yuu」

  • Genres: Unknown
  • Popularity: 1.016288
  • Vote Count: 0
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THE Shinrei Shashin 「Yuu」

50 photos of horror such as: Colourless Child, Abnormally Extending Pinky, Distorted Old Woman Appearing in a Child, Skeletal Hand... Countless photo exist that words can simply not explain. Things people should never have, bizarre heads, deformities, additional limbs. We bring you 50 carefully selected pieces of spirit photography. Will you still peek through the finder anyway?